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30 April 2008

I Need Your Help

I have been seven kinds of lame lately. Of the mental, not physical, variety. Hence the canned posts and/or no-posts. I have had great difficulty thinking of things to say that would not generate the response, "so what?"

I've been thinking about who my "target audience" is. I think I'm supposed to know that so I can be an awesome blogger. And you know, draw a bunch of traffic, or whatever.

Like I even care.

It's not like I added a traffic feed to my site because I care that people come and read and love me or anything. And then deleted it because I didn't want to appear desparate.

Anyway, BooMama said I should know why I blog. And she's read by tens of people every single day so clearly she knows what she's talking about. Plus she's friends with the other Mama (you know, Big Mama), and if anyone knows their way around the blogiverse, it's definitely the Mama's. And maybe some of the Papa's.

When I started blogging I didn't think much about who might be reading. I really thought it was close to no one. I just thought, hey this might be fun. I love reading blogs. Maybe I can have one that doesn't suck too bad. And of course my head was just swarming with great things to say. I'd post every day - sometimes twice a day because I was just brimming, yea even overflowing with the interesting wordage. I got a few comments - even some from people I've never met. I was ridiculously thrilled! (I still am - at every comment. I love them!) It's why I've kept on blogging. I feel very much exposed even saying this, but I think most bloggers feel the same way - it's all about the comments.

My husband says I'm "wooking pa nub in all da wong places". But he doesn't have a blog. So he can't be objective.

So now back to what I'm supposed to be talking about; my audience. That word just makes me laugh. Like there are throngs of people logging on every day to come and sit at my feet and you know, learn.

Anyway, maybe I should be asking a question instead of drawing a circle around a certain demographic. Maybe I should ask you - Who are you? Why do you come here - or more importantly, why do you come back?

My brain is about the consistency of oatmeal right now, which is about as good for my mental health as a traffic feed.

So night-night, y'all.
Peace out.

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Anonymous said...

Who am I? Just a mom, like yourself. Which basically means I'm a superhero (just like yourself)

Why do I come back? Because I appreciate your sense of humor and your intelligence. I like that you don't take things too seriously, and you don't seem like a negative person at all. You have an interesting way of balancing a reverence for your family while laughing at the craziness of it all.

I basically just really like your style!

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

i constantly struggle with what I should blog about that anyone else would be interested in...but I continue...it's theraputic but at the same time I wonder if people really read my blog or just come by and click onto the next.

what I'm noticing about the blogs that I come back to read are the ones with writers who are REAL and keeping it real...which is sometimes the hardest thing for me to blog...about REAL stuff. I am not a perfectionist but I do get afraid of being judged by other moms...but keeping it real is what it's all about here in the blogosphere! :-)


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh girl...you are SO not alone...I am pretty sure we are all thinking the same things when it comes to our blogs. By the way...putting up your traffic feed...not desperate. :) If I had more traffic, I'd put one up, too!
So, why I come back...you are smart, super funny, very relatable. Love your style, your stories, everything. Don't think too hard about it, just write, because you definitely have the gift.

Pennie said...

My name is Pennie. I don't have a blog on blogger, but I do have one on xanga. It's www.xanga.com/apennieformythoughts.

I think that in order to see it, you need to be a xanga user, but I'm going to change that because I've begun to read a lot of blogs on blogger, and I don't want people to feel like I want to see them, but they can't see me. If that makes sense. I'm the mom of two little girls. Micaela is 4, and will be starting kindergarten this fall, and Kayman is 2 and a half. I'm engaged to be married on June 28th of this year. Super excited... I'm striving to make my house a home, to figure out a way to stay at home and make it work, and to all around *grow up.* Today is my first day reading your blog, but I think that you are a very good writer, and would like to come back and read more.

marina said...

you said eveyting I feel and almost eveything I think off,when I first starting blogging I thought who would read my blog I don't but words together well I don't have a very big vocab. and I hated english even in college I could write for anything in the world.I really thought my blog would only last a few days but those days turn in to 150 days then when I read really good blogs like Big Mama and linda@2 cups off coffee I think ge's I should stop I am awful. But I will tell you something I keep coming back b/c i like real people people that have a good sense of humor and that are honest and really silly at times like me.yes we are no one really famous but we all have on thing we need each other we are everyday mom's looking for an out let. marina
PS. If I can I may write about the same thing you just said why do you keep coming back!
and just for the record I like your style that is why I keep coming back.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

You know me and you know I read. What's funny is I've been having blogger's block lately and did a similar post today on my blog, just asking readers about lurking, comments, etc.

So, count me as one of your old faithfuls! Just write whatever you want, and they will come.

Carlie Faulk said...

Jodie I love to stop and read your blog because it always gives me a laugh. you have a great way iof seeing things and you write so well! Keep it up!

Sarah said...

Great blog! This one, I could totally relate too.

I NEVER thought I'd care about comments...until I started blogging. Now I undestand why they call it comment-crack :) HA! Tad bit addicting.

Keep it coming, I'll be back :)


Marci@Finding Joy in the Journey said...

I spent a month blogging in privacy. I simply used it as my gratitude journal. It was actually a great thing for me, but then my family wanted to see the kids pictures and hear their stories, so I opened it up. I still really write for myself and people who know me, but the comment thing is frighteningly additive!

I made the mistake of blog hopping one day and found that I'd opened a can of worms I never expected! The blogs I go back to time after time are positive, funny, and real! The first time I came in here you had the Business Socks video up. I hadn't laughed that hard for a while, even made my husband watch it and shared it with friends. So I guess if you're looking for demographics I'm a Christian 34 year old stay at home mom with three kids and I drop in every now and then for the humor and reality!

By the way, I think bloggers block is in the air. I've been wrestling with something I want to write for going on two weeks and have basically boycotting blogging in general for a bit.

Nico's Nestbox said...

When I first found your blog, I thought I recognized your "accent", then by checkin out the rest of your blog, I found out you had one of those fabulous "O" names (eau ;P). I knew I stumbled on a treasure. Like everyone else has posted, Keep It Real. It's what has kept me and others coming back.

Anonymous said...

I am not a blog fiend. Yours is the only one I read. I feel no need to search further for pearls of truth. I love how you laugh at yourself and the craziness that abounds all around, how openly you share your struggles and joys. You may not think we come here to learn, but we do. We can learn to be ourselves from you, to accept and love and laugh and press on. I love your blog. Not that you could be easily deterrred, I really hope you don't stop writing. Word up sista. Word up word girl.