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23 May 2008

Let's play a game. Because I like to win.

If I found a bag of money (I like to play this game) after doing all of the responsible things with it, I would still have like, umpteen dollars left, and these are the things that I still would never buy.

That lime pair runs a mere $765, and I would have to be very rich, and also very very high to buy them - or anything else in this bunch of shoes and accessories. Which is just another way of saying that I would never buy these shoes and accessories... in case you were worried about me taking the pot and gettin all hopped up on the crack. (If you have these shoes, I'm sure they look lovely on you.)

And then there are the jewelry options. Especially designed for the Marc Jacobs superfan.

And if you love Marc Jacobs that much but that style's not working farrr ya, you could always go with The Cluster. Flattering on every figure, I'm sure. Oh, and if red's not your color, you could opt for the blue one.

And the bracelet to match. Because you simply have to match.

You will never find these on my rich and fancy bawdy. No matter how rich. Or fancy.


I would totally rock these:

Now. If anyone plans on "losing" a large sack of money, please notify me of its exact location immediately that I may swoop down to snatch it and make all my dreams come true at the nearest Anthropologie store.

Thank you for your cooperation. You will have done a most noble thing indeed, and I am most sincerely obliged.

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Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Whoa...those are some funky lime green shoes. And $765? Can you say almost an entire house payment?


Ah, Anthropologie...the cuteness is unbelievable but the prices keep me from shopping there. Ever.