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23 May 2008

I'd like to build myself a home and furnish it with love... and this stuff.

Kitchen happies:
I really don't need another creamer/sugar bowl, but I just love these. It's really a sickness with me. I have to restrain myself from collecting dishes. But how can I help myself when there's stuff like this to be had?! Those pink glasses make me salivate, and the pitcher is ceramic gleefulness (it makes me full of exultant joy; merry; delighted)!

My living room walls are the color of those yellow canisters. It's called Midnight Bonfire and I love it! Right now my curtains are solid chocolate brown, which is exactly what I wanted at first, but now I'm ready for a change... Something more cottage-y; something more airy. I like both of these.

Also, I think these tiles would look cool over the double window behind our couch.

And the rest of these lovelies? I heart them.

I especially LOVE these candle holders. I am totally taken in by the look of mercury glass. I LOVE IT!!!!

And who can resist these birds? Ohh, not I.

I've seen bell jars like these in magazines over tiny nests with little blue eggs resting inside. I love these! They really work for me.

To this, I would also like to add an extensive collection of nesting dolls. These are all from Russian Legacy.

Life of Jesus:

Forest Fairies:

Going to the Fair: (These ladies are so beautiful!)

Summer in the Village of Fedoskino: (I'm in love with this one... the scenes are gorgeous)

And this music box: (Another great love of mine.)

...Grow apple trees and honeybees and snow white turtle-doves... Me and these things... we would live in perfect harmony.

Y'all have a happy Saturday!

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Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

You are so obviously in need of some retail therapy. Please, go to Target tomorrow and buy yourself some shoes. Please?