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04 September 2009

The silver lining: Where there's smoke, there is NOT fire.

My house smells atrocious right now.


I was feeling very domestic earlier and set supper to start on the stove and decided to bake some egg-free sugar cookies for my allergy ridden family to enjoy.

(Actually, only the baby has the egg allergy but earlier in the week, I made chocolate chip cookies that he was denied so I was feeling bad for him.)

Supper was to be bean burritos, but I had to cook the dry beans first. I set them to boil, added some water a bit later as I saw the level dropping and then headed outside and promptly forgot all about it.

Much time passed (probably close to an hour) and my Sweet Pickle asked to come inside for some milk and then came quickly back out the back door exclaiming, "Mama, the house stinks. Why do your beans smell like that?"

"Oh my gosh! The beans!! I forgot all about them!"

There goes supper. It's looking like a great night to eat out.

The house is hazy like a youth function. Fans are on high, windows are thrown open and I keep spraying Oust, only to see it (smell it?) quickly defeated by the ghastly bean odor.

In conclusion,
Today will be "affectionately" remembered as
The Day She Set The House On Smoke.

And also, the day I changed the smoke alarm batteries,
because they have made nary a peep in all this excitation.

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Tonja said...

oh my goodness! that reminds me of the New Year's Day that is remembered in our house as the Day Mom burned the Brunch! (so that was 2 meals in one that filled the house with smoke!!) the smoke alarms didn't stop until we finally took the batteries OUT! haha!!

great memories :)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Well I can't believe I'm going to say this on the www, but since you and I are tight, I can tell you.

I really don't burn things very often, but at least your husband doesn't yell through the house when the fire detector DOES go off: "HONEY! THE TIMER'S GOING OFF!!!"

That's my man.

Sorry 'bout your beans, girl. I got a chuckle out of your post, though. :-)

Mama Belle said...

Burnt beans are the worst.

Anonymous said...

I know this is mean, but I was CRACKING UP through this whole thing!

But I am sorry you had such a bad evening!

bren j. said...

Bummer about the beans, but I'm not sure there's a less tragic way to find out your smoke alarm batteries are done for.