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I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. Gertrude Stein

12 September 2009

Happiness is...

Something I recognize in myself is that I find it disturbingly easy to complain about things. I find myself far too easily slanted in that direction, but today I'm thinking happy thoughts about happy things. This is by no means extensive, only a small conglomeration of things that make me supremely and incandescently happy.

WORDS sunshine real whipped cream rainy nights embroidery hoops ribbon velvet simple but unusual jewelry
wire baskets
{especially chicken wire}
t-strap mary janes good jeans sweater coats
my first cup of coffee
bluebirds springtime {le printemps}
thrift stores fabric notecards
shipping tags kraft paper bags COLOR {{glitter}}
baby's breath

{the real deal and the flowers, but especially the real deal}
the smell of newborn babies
[twig pencils] crafting running outdoors with my iPod
used book sales {Pride & Prejudice}
air mail {par avion}

handwritten notes
solitude REAL FRIENDS crowns hobby stores
|red & white stripes| Christmas
my family's belly laughs children's art a good deal snow
finishing a project Mad Libs diagramming sentences
finding the perfect purse
books that make me feel I should read with a British accent
{believing God}
well timed jokes
a perfectly situated tree alongside a bubbling brook

cottage gardens
{family togetherness}

What about you?

4 people love me:

Anonymous said...

Alot of what you said, including but not limited to...bacon. God's peace. the warmth of the sun on my skin. a freshly vaccummed room. lavendar & vanilla. holding hands. white teeth. hard back books, the older the better. thunderstorms. a fresh shave. homemade bread. birdies. flower gardens and clay pots and plants in baskets. gumbo in the winter. crackling fires. the smell of BBQ. a full pantry. naps. earrings. handmade gifts. the unpredictability and hilarity of children.

bren j. said...

I think you should see how many of those you can combine into one thing. Like French thrift stores or fabric notecards. You should leave out baby's breath though. *shudder* We used to live at the bottom of a hill COVERED in baby's breath. The stench! The HORRID stench! We 'lovingly' call it many other things around here. ;)

But then, you asked what happiness is for me.....I do love me a good pair of jeans (please Lord, let me find some on our shopping outing on Thursday) but what makes me happiest is....Grace.

Anonymous said...

Not having a sinus infection. *coughs, blows nose*

Sorry it's all I can think about.

Oh, and the perfect precision with which Drew Brees can throw a football. :)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

You sweet thang...I was so happy to hear from you today!

This list is just about perfect. I can say I love just about EVERYthing on here! {especially books that make me feel I should read with a British accent} ha! ha!

And very artistic presentation of it too, girl! I had to check and see if it was one of those computer-generated things where you just list all the phrases and it creates a perfectly color-coordinated piece of eye candy.

But no, it looks like you did that. :-)

Love you, too, my lil' Cajun friend! {hugs}