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I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. Gertrude Stein

13 November 2008

Cuteness with skin on.

And also, consider this very robust applause to be yours, Rachel! Because you won my very great and awesome giveaway! You guessed 37 days. My guess is roughly 42 days, give or take, so you win!! Congratulations!

Stretch almost won because he guessed 41 days, but his guess was not documented herein, therefore, etc. etc, and so his prize is now null and void, etc. etc. and will now be passed onto the next best guesser.

And now, with this great prize, you, Rachel, will undoubtedly (or you know, undoubtably, if you wish), be the absolute envy of your friends.

I mean, who doesn't want some rousing applause? Hm?

Thaaaat's what I thought.

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Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I just watched this 3 times and it just got cuter each time. He is ADORABLE, can you send him over here for a little while so I can play with him?

Tonja said...

i love this kid!!
could you walk over today and visit?

Sara@ Butterville said...

What is cuter then a babe who can dance? I do not know! That was SO adorable.
My hubby needs some lessons, does Puddin' teach?

Rachel said...

BASKING in the glow of the rousing applause. :)

I'd like to thank the academy... oh wait, wrong award.

And the little man is TOO CUTE!

Rachel said...

OH, I thought I'd pass along my tip to let your house go for 45 days without vacuuming. I make people take their shoes off at the door. If they complain I tell them it's Japanese custom. If they make a comment about how I don't look Japanese I shove something home-cooked under their nose so they promptly forget (or I use the Jerry Seinfeld tactic of telling them I'm buying a speedboat). I think my floors have gone 60 days with this method. :)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Behold, what manner of preciousness is this?

bren j. said...

A) I LOVE those pj's.
B) Your boy is adorable.
C) I think he and LG need to get together and dance!