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16 June 2009

I Yam What I Yam

I hereby retract my statement that Sweet Potato ice cream is a comfort food. After 4 bowls in 2 days, I was anything but comfortable.

You know how your Grandma used to warn you about eating sweet potatoes while nursing because it was gonna give that baby the cramps? She wasn't kidding.

I am not saying that I'm writing it off entirely, and will never eat it again. That would be ludicrous. I do not exercise that much control over tasty foods. What I am saying is this:

Don't overdo it folks -- it will make you pay.

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Anonymous said...

Your title is HILARIOUS! You're so good with puns. Sorry about the cramps (and other possible side effects!). :)

beautiful disaster said...

I feel your pain! I had a most unpleasant experience after eating an ENTIRE bag of reduced fat Oreos. (Which is the reason why I cannot EVER buy an entire bag of Oreos again... especially the reduced fat kind.)