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24 June 2010

Fakebook Update

There is no joy to be found 

in eating when you can't taste anything.   

What will bring back my ability to taste?  





Got any suggestions?  

I'm eating at P.F. Chang's tomorrow 

and it would be enormously sad 

if I couldn't taste my lettuce wraps.

How do I fix this problem STAT?

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myletterstoemily said...

that's a bizarre symptom to have. have
you told your doctor?

have you been ornery enough?

it's probably the heat.

{Jodie} said...

Oh, it's nothing like that. I have a sinus/allergy thing going on with some nasal congestion. I consulted the Dr. Swagbucks today and found out that it's not my sense of taste that's missing but my sense of smell... which interferes with the way foods "taste".
Sorry I was unclear about my ailment. :)