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04 August 2009

Unpacking Your (lengthy list of) Adjectives

This year, being our first year homeschooling, there will be many days that I have to get things done and I will have to learn to brave the rapids (of grocery stores and car rides and such) with all three of my squeamish children and no one else.

This weekend, I got the chance to practice.

But Mama didn't raise no fool. It was the weekend, which meant I might not have to go it alone. I'll practice next time.

I called my sister (Backup! Holla!) to see if she'd like to come along with me (and my three wretched little shoppers) to go do a little shopping. She said she'd be delighted (or something like that). All I heard was yes, and I was golden.

Together, we braved a few fierce stores, and the callousMall, which is no debonair task. Thankfully, one of the stores had an enclosed play area, with a high, resolute wall, in place to discourage climbing out (which almost worked).

I just love it
when a children's store
is set up in a way that
makes room for actual children.

I find it incredibly helpful
and supremely awesome.
Thank you!

We shopped close by and kept our eyes on the kids while they had the most fun shopping in as long as they could remember. (It was also the most fun I've had shopping with kids in as long as I could remember.)

It's not that they're bad shoppers. I mean, they are, but it's because they're just not made for it. Their Mama loves to shop and I have to explore all of my frumpy options before making a decision which makes for deranged and nostalgic shopping trips.

We figured we could tackle that lugubrious beast, the Mall, mostly because we could bribe them with treats, like candy and McDonald's. We went into a shoe store where I had to continuously remind them to stop taking the dashing shoes off of the crispety-crunchety peanut-buttery shelves to ask us if we liked them or thought they were cool. How 'bout asking me if I think my head might explode, because yes, Yes, I think it may!

When it was finally all said and done, we made good on our putrid candy and chicken nugget promises, and partook of a few of the boorish tasties ourselves. French fries can cure almost any ailment, far as I can tell.

In closing, if you elect me President, I promise that all stores will have a high-walled embankment for keeping little ones safe (perhaps from their own mother's who might squish them in an effort to just make them be still for goodness sake). And also, every woman will have a sister to shop with at all times. Amen.

(All adjective offerings have been underlined and linked wherever possible, and do keep in mind that they were chosen at random. Thank ya very muuuuuch!)

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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

You're so silly! Love the awesome adjective additions too [OH! You should do a post with alliterations too!]

I'm so excited for you and your new adventure!!!

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I'm so glad you used mine!!! :)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I am about to email you a little ditty about our trip to the mall tonight.

It was lugubrious and deranged to say the least. Not to mention putrid. Very, very putrid.

beautiful disaster said...

I love how your sidenote is off to the side. Very clever! ;)

bren j. said...

So that's why we had a second girl! So the LG would never be without a shopping buddy! Which also means (here's a plus I had never though of before!) that when they get old enough, they can go shopping together and I can stay home! (Or sit in the bookstore and drink coffee which will give me lots of 'energy' to listen to their ranting about new clothes all the way home!)

Anonymous said...
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