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13 July 2009

Famous Last Words

Not much changes around here. Whenever people ask what's been going on, the answer is typically, "nothing new".

With the exception of the occasional illness or broken household item, things are pretty consistent.

This week though, I have something new to tell.

Something I've said for the past 6 years that I would never do.


It would take a miracle of such proportions that it is inconceivable that it would ever happen.

"Never", I said.

And then God chuckled, and He giggled, and He laughed and laughed and laughed.

Because He always knows something I don't; He knows what's coming, and I don't.

Until I do.


This year, for the first time ever, I will be homeschooling.

Yeah, let that soak in.

(Y'all. I swore I never would.)

But the times, they are a-changin'. (Sing it, Bob!)

I do not pretend to know the full-extent of God's reasoning behind all of this, but there are a few things I hope to gain from it.

There is one major thing I want for our family, and that is for us to be close-knit... for our children to be in close relationship with each other, and for them to also feel safe, close and open with us, their parents.

These desires have been in my heart, ever present, since I became The Mama.

This whole thing just makes me laugh a little. It's so typical to have things work out in this fashion -- in a way that I get what I want, but it comes in such a manner I'd never have expected!

(Kinda like in the very difficult, early years of our marriage when we had 2 kids right out of the starting blocks (and I thought our ship would sink)... but God knew exactly what He was doing, because those babies kept us together when other things fought with all their might to pull us apart, and may well have succeeded if not for them... it would've been too easy to walk away. Having them turned out to be very good for us.)

The same is true even now. There are other things fighting against me, all the time pulling at me. Developing the closeness and togetherness I want for our family takes so much effort, and so much death to my flesh.

But I want it.

... and nothing grand just happens.

6 people love me:

Rachel said...

That is so awesome!! Homeschooling is a journey like no other but it also comes with a joy like no other! Your right nothing grand ever just happens! Good for you, you'll do great!

Blessings in your new endeavor,
Rachel :)

Anonymous said...

See what I mean?


I am going to email you my response to this, because I know you don't want a novel here and it'll probably lead into an e-conversation. :)

Anonymous said...

you da bomb diggity sista.

bren j. said...

You are courage and bravery all at once, Jodie. Mazel tov!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I admire you SO MUCH, girl. I know this is no lighthearted decision, but I'm very proud of you. Keep us posted on how it all goes. We haven't yet made a decision on what we'll do, so this is still on the table (I think).

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Okay, okay. So I started reading your current post and after I got back up off the floor after seeing the "homeschooling" link, I came here to get the full scope! WOW! And YAY!! Girl, I am SO proud of you for allowing God to have His way instead of insisting on yours. I know all too well how tempting that is.

You have a homeschooling friend in me, my dear, and I will be here for you, questions, support, whatever. You are doing probably the most wonderful thing for your kids! It can get difficult, just like anything that is worth doing. But the reward is a thousand-fold.

YOU GO GIRL!!! :-)