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27 July 2009

With age comes oversharing?

I'd like to talk a little today about some of the particulars of aging, as it pertains to certain ones of the female persuasion.

I think we all know the expression, "With age comes wisdom". How about the slightly less known, "With age comes too much information". Heard of it? Well I propose, even if the expression is unknown to you, the concept is not.

I recently met a lady in passing; let's call her Lucille, shall we? Lucille and I chatted a bit as women do, making small talk. Shortly thereafter, a friend of hers, whom we'll call Pearl, walked up to us and greeted Lucille.

Keep in mind that these ladies were standing within arms reach of me, and I don't have excessively long arms, which means that I can hear them, and they know that I can hear them, and also bear in mind, I am a complete stranger to them both.

Pearl says, "Hey Lu, how ya doin?"

Lucille responds, "Wellll, I have a yeast infection and hemorrhoids so, you know, I should probably be home with my feet propped up instead of in here shopping."

I don't think that's what Pearl was gunning for.

This sort of reply always puts someone (who thinks you're crazy) in the awkward position of having to respond.

Let's keep going though, shall we? How about another example of this most troubling phenomenon?

My friend tells tale of the day a woman left her Grandfather in social difficulties. She describes her Grandfather as a very conservative, and very, very private man. One day, a family member shows up to his home. As he opens the door to her he says, "Hi so and so, How ya doin'?" She throws her hands in the air over her head and says in exasperation and with great energy, "Not too good! I'm bleedin' from the rectum!"

What happens between 17 and say... 50?

At 17, girls are mortified and prepared to drop out of school, and may even write into a magazine that bears their age telling of their most embarrassing moment, if they come out of the bathroom with a tiny piece of toilet paper hitchin' a ride on their shoe. It's too much to bear.

Fast forward a few years to age 50 and beyond, and you will see a loss of restraint that is staggering, where women will say in front of anyone what is going on in the area that was once known as private.

I understand that not every woman suffers from this affliction, but it is rather common. Common enough that you probably have a story yourself. If you don't, I'd bet the farm that you know someone who does.

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beautiful disaster said...

You make a good point!

I will try and remember this as I age. And, if I must overshare, I will overshare where no one can overhear.

{Jodie} said...

"And, if I must overshare, I will overshare where no one can overhear."

Excellent point there, Beautiful Disaster! Well said.

Mama Belle said...

I know exactly what you mean.

I, on the other hand, never overshare, despite the dropped jaws I see in the room.

Anonymous said...

I only overshare to my husband.

Sometimes I think he wishes I wouldn't. :)

Tante D's better half said...

Jodie, it's very possible that this phenomenon has less to do with age and more to do with your hubby's hometown....as you know, that is my hometown, too. and both of the examples you gave happened in the aforementioned hometown. and I have another...when I went to visit my grandmother in the nursing home, her "roommate" asked me to put her pad on for her. never saw this lady before in my life. so apparently, there is no shame in that zip code. but you must remember that this is the same place that takes family photos with the deceased in the coffin at funerals.

{Jodie} said...

Tante D's Better Half: It may be more predominant there, but I have a friend who told me a similar story when I told her about this - they're from N Carolina. My friend's mom called HER mom (the grandma) to see how she was doing and she said she was doing ok but she had the runs.

You do make an excellent point though. Maybe it's a higher concentration of these women in that particular Parish... that place seems to be saturated!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

*laughing my butt off over here!*

SO STINKIN TRUE! It's like the filter disappears and bodily issues are now suddenly the most interesting thing they can think of.

It's disgusting and hilarious all at the same time...I'm sure I'll never do it ;)

bren j. said...

Too true! I think that's some sort of rite of passage once you get nearer retirement. You can say almost anything and people will just write you off as "crazy" and "old" and that's that. My Grampa said some of the most bizarre things but people would just say, "Oh, that Ben!" And some of those silly phrases are now used by his very proud (and exceedingly amused) grandchildren. :)